You're Covered with Croci

You're Covered
With Croci

You're Covered
With Croci

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You're Covered!You're Covered!

You can count on the security of Croci products.
Croci rolling shutters provide your home with PROTECTION, SECURITY and SAVINGS.  Reliable and user-friendly, a simple touch of a button opens and closes your shutters to control the comfort and security of your home. 

Reasons to Choose CrociReasons to Choose Croci

  1. Croci's rolling shutters have been successfully tested to resist hurricane wind loads of up to 150 mph.
  2. Push button control with a Somfy RTS hand-held transmitter or Decora RTS wall switch will deploy your shutters in seconds.
  3. When closed, the shutters create a physical barrier from high winds and intruders.  With Somfy's Chronis RTS timer you can automatically open and close your rolling shutters based on a pre-set time of day or randomly to give the impression of an occupied home.
  4. Laboratory tests performed on Croci's polyurethane rolling shutters indicate a reduction in noise and...

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